Sunday, March 15, 2009

when my mental-disease comes

when it comes at this moment, i feel like i'm living in a world where nobody's around. and it's painful.

  • games: boring
  • hang out: raining outside
  • meals: never enough
  • movies: boring
  • musics: boring
  • laying around: spine-ache
  • sleep: overslept
  • study: don't care
  • friends: such a bullshit
  • love: are you there?
and the list keep on going.what the hell is goin on.. oh, luckily i got a blog to deliver these out. yeah. nice one.

yours truly,
do i care?

5 orang nak bersuara:

cindir-rela said...

asal poyo je lately post kau ni?? what up? kechewa kerana bola ke chenta? wakakak..weh, dah lame tak nampak hang around..oh maybe dark outside n i can't see you, black!! wakakakak...just ajoke..

yenoh said...

xpe...jumaat ni leh la lps rindu...

.amnesiac. said...

pegi mampos la weh!

saya bibah said...

hahahahaha..tu la.cindir-rela bermain dgn org yg tekanan perasaan.amik amik.hahahaha

.amnesiac. said...

padan muke..amik.amik...

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